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About company

PJSC Universalna Insurance Company is among the TOP 10 insurance companies in Ukraine. The Company was established in 1991 and as of today has representative offices in all regions of Ukraine. As of January 1, 2014 Universalna had more than 300 points of sale throughout Ukraine. 

Universalna Insurance Company provides services to individual and corporate clientsand presents itself as a retail insurer. At the end of 2014 the Company had 525,141 effective contracts with corporate clients and individuals.   

Service portfolio

Universalna Insurance Company provides services of 42 types of insurance:

·         Motor

·         Property

·         Personal

·         Liability insurance. 

The advantages of insurance with the Universalna Insurance Company:

·         The Company has a 23 years of experience in the Ukrainian insurance market and professionally fulfills its obligations to the customers and pays about UAH 1 700 000 per week

·         Favorable and affordable insurance terms

·         Guaranteed professional support upon the occurrence of insured event

·         Extensive network of insurance adjusters

·         24-hours Call-center support 

Financial results

The total premiums of the Company for 2014 amounted to UAH 351,732.90 ths, and the total amount of insurance indemnities being paid to the clients amounted to UAH 93,313.10 ths. 

Company’s partners

The partners of the Company are as follows: 100 auto dealers, 30 banks, 17 insurance brokers, 7 leasing companies, 409 OKKO petrol stations and 3 556 branches of USEP “Ukrposhta”. 

Insurance Company «Universalna»

·         Is a part of the “Universalna” investment group» holding (includes brands “Galnaftogas”, “OKKO”, “Khlibprom” and others).

·         One of the most stable (Rating agency “Expert”) and most transparent (“Insurance in details” magazine) insurance companies in Ukraine

·         Cooperation with only reliable rating reinsurers and assistance companies

·         In TOP-4 leaders for quality and customer service 

·         One of the largest PoS among insurance companies in Kyiv and Ukraine

·         Favorable terms and discounts

·         Joint loyalty program with gasoline stations “OKKO” — getting remuneration for each UAH spent

·         Free delivery of the insurance policy to the office in Kyiv and other regions or home 

·         24H technical, medical and legal support

·         Extensive claims settlement centers network

·         Cooperation with more than 1000 medical organizations throughout Ukraine

·         Cooperation with international assistance companies "CORIS", "Smile Service", "Remed Assistance", "Global Voyager Assistance", "AIC Assistance"


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