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Accident insurance

Voluntary accident insurance for bank loan borrowers

At customer’s choice and according to bank requirements the policy provides covering as follows:

  • primary 1st group disablement in consequence of an accident;
  • primary 2nd group disablement in consequence of an accident;
  • primary 3rd group disablement in consequence of an accident;
  • death in consequence of an accident.

Insurance claim is paid:

  • In case of primary disablement:
    • 1st group — 100% of the of insurance coverage;
    • 2nd group — 80% of the of insurance coverage;
    • 3rd group — 60% of the of insurance coverage.
  • In case of death — 100% of the of insurance coverage.

The amount of insurance coverage equates the outstanding amount fixed by credit agreement

Territory of policy

At customer’s option:

  • Ukraine,
  • Europe
  • World (except for the officially recognized combat operations and military conflicts zones).

Duration of the policy depends on the credit agreement term.

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