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Voluntary medical insurance

The subject matter of the agreement is the property interests that are connected to life and health of the insured person and don’t contravene the law

We offer such insurance options at a customer’s choice:

  • In-patient aid
  • Emergency and acute care
  • Medication supply in case of out-patient therapy
  • Out-patient therapy
  • Dental health service

Additional options:

  • «Office first-aid kit»
  • Computer vision syndrome prophylactics
  • STDs diagnostics
  • Periodic health examination
  • Vision disorders prophylactics
  • General prophylactic measures

In-patient aid coverage is an indispensable part of the policy

Insurance rate depends on:

  • Number of insured persons, and the list of chosen insurance programs,
  • Amount of coverage chosen (limit of indemnity in every insured accident, general limit of indemnity in all insured accidents, whether the medicines liability limit for an insured accident is set or not);
  • Level of medical institution treating the insured persons,
  • Region of the insured person residence.

Duration of policy — 1 year

Territory of policy — Ukraine

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