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Obligatory motor third party liability insurance throughout Ukraine (OMTPL) — the policy owner insures the own liability in case of inflicting damage to health and life, as well as the property damage caused by the car accident

The insurance company of the party responsible in accident reimburses the loss in favor of the injured party

There are three types of the OMTPL

  • 1st — liability insurance covers anyone who legally drives a vehicle specified in the policy
  • 2nd — a person mentioned in the policy is insured while driving any vehicle of chosen category
  • 3rd — persons (1 to 5) mentioned in the policy are insured while driving the vehicle specified by the same policy.

The amount of insurance coverage

Is regulated by law and determined in amount: UAH 50 000 — for the damage, caused to property of injured party (ies)

UAH 100 000 — for damage caused to health and life of injured party (ies)


UAH 510 — the amount that the insured party is to reimburse to injured one in case of accident

The policy cost is regulated by law and defined on individual basis.

Allowances defined by law for certain categories of citizens of Ukraine

50% of the insurance premium — if the person insured belongs to the privileged category and the engine cubic capacity of the vehicle in use is up to 2500 sm3 inclusive.

Categories of privileged citizens:

  • Retirees and pensioners
  • Persons who suffered from the Chornobyl catastrophe and its effects (categories I and II)
  • Disabled persons (group 2)
  • War participants

No insurance needed for:

  • Combat operations participants who drive themselves
  • Disabled war veterans without assistance
  • Group 1 disabled persons without assistance
  • Persons, who drive a vehicle of Group 1 disabled person, with the owner’s assistance

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