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Building and installation risks and liability insurance

Construction is always accompanied by a number of risks that can inflict severe damage to constructing bodies. To avoid negative financial consequences we offer building and installation risks insurance programs based on Munich Re Group insurance terms.

Insured risks


  • Fire, burst (chemical, physical), lightning stroke
  • Natural disasters: tornado, hurricane, tempest, gale, flood, high water, ice drift, storm, hail, downpour, avalanche, caving-in, torrent, rockslide, rime, snowfall, frosting-up, land subsidence, ground water inundation, earthquake
  • Water supply, sewage or fire extinguisher system watering effects
  • Aircraft, their parts or cargo falling
  • Building machinery or motor vehicle runover
  • Third party illegal actions (burglary, robbery, hooliganism, plunder, arson etc.)
  • Emergency cases — collapsed or fallen structures damaging, foreign object hitting, falling, toppling over, particularly while loading or unloading, breakdowns in course of large structures erecting


An insured risk is a sudden unforeseen event which occurred during the term and on a site defined by the policy while the insured person (or person(s) whose liability is insured) is engaged in business activities connected to construction, and which caused the insured person becoming obliged to pay the damages inflicted to:

  • Third party’s life and health (concerned with medical treatment, disablement or death);
  • Third party’s property (concerned with the property loss, damage or total destruction)

Additional coverage

  • Providing coverage for the maintenance servicing period,
  • Covering the cost of clearing the site from property debris and remains after the insured accident has occurred (removing builders’ refuse, dismantling or destroying damaged structures and materials, ditches and communications cleaning and repairing etc.) in order to provide further construction activities,
  • other.


Under the policy terms it can make up one to five per cent of the liability limit.

The insurance policy duration covers the construction activities period or, at customer’s will, it may last one year.

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