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Voluntary plants insurance

Future crops insured

Risks covered by the policy:

  • Frost, ground frost, ice-slick, winterkill, take-all, ice crust
  • Hail, lightning stroke
  • Earthquake
  • Avalanche, earth slip, mud or water-mud flow
  • Fire, except for wood fires
  • Gale, dust storm, squall, whirlwind, dry wind, blowing
  • Shower, thundershower, slow rains, flood, freishet
  • Drought or dehydration of artificially irrigated or inundated land, strong swelter, ground crust, plants dropping
  • Epiphyte induced plant diseases development
  • Epiphyte induced plant pests
  • Secondary plant diseases
  • Third parties’ unlawful acts towards planting


Not used according to the policy conditions.

Insurance coverage

Scope of coverage percentage defined by policy owner

Amount of coverage

Depends on the insurance value of agricultural plants, the future crops cost.

Insurance payment

Depends on:

  • setting the price of goods produced;
  • risks insured;
  • tariff;
  • plant type;
  • location of sown area;

Duration of policy

Starts from the moment of insurance admission till the end of harvesting.

Territory of policy

The contract is effective only within the borders of territories sown with crops insured.

Benefits of being insured at Insurance company Universalna:

  • Customer may choose terms of the contract;
  • Without franchise;
  • Defining of the concrete risks;
  • Possibility of the complex (multiple risks) insurance;
  • Setting the price on produced goods;
  • Minimum documentation set needed for insurance indemnity

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