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Home Express

Home Express is a voluntary property and third party liability insurance without property examination and inventory.

What does Home Express insure?

Buildings (houses and flats);
Outdoor and indoor design;
Household property, plumbing and heating installations;
Household outbuildings (in houses only).

What is not insured by the policy?

Money, coins, precious metals, antiquities, paintings and drawings, home pets and birds, documents, photos, discs, securities, footwear, clothes, fur and leather items, house plants, and food stuff.

Items not allowed to insure: ramshackle, tumbledown and wooden buildings, industrial and commercial property, summer cottages and property held there.

Risks insured by the policy:
Gas burst;
Lightning stroke;
Natural disasters.

Third party liability - this option protects insured property owner from unforeseen expenses in case of inflicting unintentional damage to property, life, or health due to flood, fire, and gas burst (the latter can be insured separately or as an additional option)

The policy takes effect on the fourth day after the payment.

Policy validity period - till the first insured accident, but no longer than one year

Benefits of the Home Express policy:
Easy to arrange;
Time economy - no property examination needed;
A year-long home insurance at bargain price;

Documents necessary to sign the agreement: passport, ID-code, and property address


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