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Tourist insurance

Tourist insurance

Voluntary insurance for those traveling within Ukraine or abroad gives you a guarantee to receive the necessary medical, judicial, technical, and administrative help round the globe.

Insurance Company "Universalna" offers five types of tourist insurance policies:

Mandrivnyk (Traveler) - provides those traveling throughout Ukraine with the emergency aid in the best medical institutions at attractive price;

Visit -this policy provides minimum but ample range of insurance services necessary for a trip abroad at best price

Tourist - this policy is developed for tourists who prefer feeling safe and confident staying abroad. This is a good value for your money;

"Classic" - an ideal policy for business trips, the traditional European set of insurance services;

"Premium" - for the most exacting customers who want to have the full insurance protection traveling abroad.

Options Mandrivnyk Visit Tourist Classic Premium
Medical expenses (ambulance, out-patient treatment, hospitalisation, urgent dental health service etc.)
Accident insurance (disability leave compensation)
Baggage insurance
Financial risks insurance (trip cancellation)
Liability insurance (money contingencies)

Benefits of Universalna tourist insurance:

European coverage at best price;
The policy compliance with all the foreign embassies requirements;
The assistance center is ready to advice you in a language you understand round the clock&round the globe;
You may choose insurance program, risks and the amount of insurance coverage.

Necessary documents: foreign passport or national passport if traveling through Ukraine, and an identification code.


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