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Voluntary motor third party liability (VMTPL)

For years Obligatory motor third party liability (OMTPL) has standard limits of insurance claim payments, and sometimes these limits cannot cover damages caused by an accident. To get the full protection we recommend you to purchase theVoluntary motor third party liability (VMTPL) policy. By purchasing the policy, you can choose payment limits and thus prevent yourself in case of insurance accident expenses.

Voluntary motor third party liability (VMTPL) allows you to increase claim payment limits to aggrieved parties:

  • Property damage limit up to 500 000 per indemnitee
  • Life and health limit up to 500 000 per indemnitee

VMTPL contract is seen as an addition to the OMTPL agreement (type 1 and 3) and covers: Liability of any person driving legally

Insurance payment is made after the payment provided by the OMTPL

Territory of policy

The contract is effective within Ukrainian state borders

In case of inflicting damage on life and health, the aggrieved party gets refund of charges caused by or linked to:

  • temporary disablement;
  • permanent disablement;
  • death
In case of inflicting damage on property, the aggrieved party gets refund of charges caused by:
  • motor vehicle damaging or destroying;
  • property damaging or destroying;
  • road, road constructions and traffic control facilities damaging or destroying;
Benefits of being insured at Insurance company Universalna:Round-the-clock contact center providing all the nesessary info, aid, and instructions in case of a car accident;
  • All-Ukrainian average surveyors’ net;
  • Regional claims settlement centers provide fast and easy reimbursement;
  • We deliver insurance policy whenever it is convenient for you

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