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“Buy OMTPL policy – win 100 liters of fuel”

On June 1, 2011 starts new promotion “Buy OMTPL police – win 100 liters of fuel” in terms of collaboration between Insurance Company “Universalna” and the gasoline stations network “OKKO”. To participate in promotion you have to buy the OMTPL policy at any station “OKKO”. One lucky winner of 100 liters of fuel will be chosen each month during the promotion period. The promotion is held fromJune 1 till August 31 2011.
Buying OMTPL policy at the gasoline station “OKKO” from June 1 till August 31, 2011, you’ll get balls “Fishka” according to the active loyalty scheme: UAH 1 = 1 ball, and moreover you’ll get a chance of winning 100 liters of fuel.
To estimate the cost of policy now, please use the calculator here
For the detailed rules please visit here or call 0 800 500 381 (free from landline phones throughout Ukraine).


“Buy OMTPL policy – top up your mobile account” for the clients of PJSC “Insurance Company “Universalna”

Buy OMTPL policy from June 01 till 30 in all offices of Universalna or online and top up your mobile account by UAH 20*. Provided by the promotion’ partners.

Additional gifts: get balls for the insurance by the loyalty program “Fishka”, which can be exchanged on variable gifts Attention! The number of gifts is updated constantly!

Buy policy at filling stations «OKKO» — get twice as much balls!

In terms of the joint project of the filling stations «OKKO» and Insurance Company «Universalna» drivers can get OMTPL policy straight at the «OKKO» network. Balls, while buying the OMTPL policy at the filling stations «OKKO», will be accrued automatically.

Only during March 2011 all the clients, who will buy the OMTPL policy at the filling stations «OKKO» in Kyiv and region, will get twice as much balls on their FISHKA card. More balls — more gifts!


Loyalty program Fishka

From now on insuring your car, property etc. you’ll get not only financial coverage but also balls for eah concluded contract.

All types of insurance: 1 UAH = 1 ball

For more detailed information please visit, or call us 0 800 500 381.

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