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Insurance Company «Universalna» discloses Results of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

Accordingly, the shareholders of IC Universalna voted to rotate its governing structure. As a result, the Company’s former CEO N. Bezbakh was appointed as a member of the Supervisory board while ex-Chairman of the Supervisory board Mr. Pavlenko was appointed as a CEO. Independent member of the Supervisory board Mr. Sheremeta was elected as the new Chairman of the board.

Olexandr Pavlenko, Chief Executive Officer: «Any rotation processes with regard to Company’s management including this particular one is aimed at building up an efficient management structure so that every employee would struggle to maximize Company’s value for its shareholders.

Olexandr Pavlenko was born on September 15, 1966 in the city of Stebnyk of Lviv region, Ukraine. In 1990 he graduated from the Lviv National University with a Master’s degree in science of Law followed by a PhD degree (Constitutional Law). Olexandr Pavlenko started running his own advocatory practice in 1992. In 1996 Mr. Pavlenko became a partner of the law firm «Pavlenko, Stacenko and Osinchuk».

Between 2002 and February 2007 he was holding position of Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Bank «Universal». In 2004 was appointed as vise-president of the «Universal Investment Group». From 2002 and until recently was the Chairman of IC «Universalna». In August 2007 Mr. Pavlenko was appointed as a General Director of IC «Universalna».

Olexandr Pavlenko is married and has a daughter. Among his devotions there are traveling, mountain skiing and swimming.

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