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«Universalna» organized an all-Ukrainian project «Insurance Market of Ukraine»

Insurance Company «Universalna» conjointly with the Center of Regional Media Initiatives organized an all-Ukrainian informational project «Insurance Market of Ukraine». The aim of the project was to build people’s loyalty and knowledge concerning insurance in Ukraine.

During August, 2007 a number of meetings took place in regional and district centers of Ukraine in the form of round-table discussions between the representatives of insurance companies, mass-media, local authorities and State Automobile Inspectorate, the Motor Transport Insurance Bureau of Ukraine, automobile dealers, carriers, banking institutions, etc.

The main issues raised at the meetings were people’s trust in insurance, the issue of third party liability insurance in the context of recent changes in legislation, that of damping on insurance market and that of the importance of insurance contract conclusion procedure. Thus a possibility to convey information on the expediency of insurance with high quality guaranteed to people in regions was created.

Under the aegis of «Universalna» the project of all-Ukrainian discussion of urgent issues related to insurance was held for the second time already. As a result of such an event in 2006, regional associations of insurers started to be created in some regions of Ukraine in order to lobby insurers’ interests in state bodies, in relations with entrepreneurs and on physical person services market.

«The project is unique because all market participants combined their efforts to form the insurance branch in Ukraine. Our main objectives are people’s knowledge of insurance and trust in insurance market», - remarked Olesya Stoyko, the Manager of Public Relations Department of «Universalna» company.

The project has been widely covered in the media – numerous publications were traced in the press, the event was repeatedly mentioned on TV and radio, informative notices were actively distributed in Internet resources – all in all around 600. Round-table discussions were broadcast in the framework of TV talk shows in which directors of affiliates of insurance companies participated as well as invited experts.

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