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New appointments in «Universalna’s» Board of Directors

On August 31, 2007 at the meeting of OJSC «Insurance Company «Universalna» a decision was made to appoint new members of Company’s Board of Directors.

The following persons have been appointed members of the Board of Directors: Olha Romanivna Kaminska, Iryna Hryhorivna Shtykh and Nataliya Anatoliyivna Kryvovyaz.

«Universalna» Marketing Department Director Olha Romanivna Kaminska is a psychologist by education (Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Philosophy Faculty), has a qualification in business administration (an MBA diploma) as well as successful experience of working as Vice Director General and Director of TRC «Lyuks» Advertising Agency.

Iryna Hryhorivna Shtykh makes her great contribution to the Company as an experienced top manager and «Universalna’s» Sales Director. In the past, Iryna Hruhorivna held many high posts: Director of Insurance Agency «Khastra-Donetsk», Director of Donetsk Affiliate of Insurance Company «Ostra Kyiv», and Director of a Regional Office of Insurance Company «PZU Ukraine».

Nataliya Anatoliyivna Kryvovyaz is a professional psychologist and has invaluable experience of working as HR director in Ukrainian and foreign banking institutions, such as «All Ukrainian Joint Stock Bank» (VAB), OJSC Commercial Bank «Nadra», CJSC «West Finance and Credit Bank» (CJSC «Credit West Bank»), etc.

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