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«Universalna» ranks among three leaders by quality of service

Insurance Company «Universalna» was recognized the third leading insurance company in Ukraine in terms of service quality. The level of its service was estimated at 78.5%.

These data were provided by the consulting company Research & Branding Group who conducted an independent investigation.

The investigation was carried out in the city of Kyiv during April 2007 by means of a questionnaire developed specially for this purpose. The questionnaire estimated the following aspects: greeting the customer, consulting, ways of finishing the conversation, the appearance of the employee and the condition of company’s branch office in general etc. Each question was worth a certain percentage, and the maximum according to the questionnaire was 100%.

«Service provided by «Universalna» rates high due to the teamwork of Company’s professionals. During the nearest few months we are going to implement common standards of service in all our affiliates and branch offices. Experienced staff of the Company will be involved in this process to make use of both Company’s own experience and world practice of attending customers. Our professionals will provide equal quality service in all the affiliates and our clients will be not 78.5%, but 100% satisfied», - said Vira Rodionova, Chief of the Customers Relationship Management Department.

On average, service provided by companies was estimated at 63.6%. Respondents say 68% of insurance companies keep their branch offices in a proper condition and 58% of them provide professional consulting.

According to the investigation report, the first and second places in the rating were taken by the company PZU Ukraine (87%) and European Insurance Alliance (78.7%), respectively.

Research & Branding Group is a national research company engaged mainly in market analysis, social and political research as well as consulting.

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