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Ukrainian Nationwide Railway Operator «Ukrzaliznytsya» Recommends «Universalna» Insurance Company as the Insurance Provider of Choice for Railways and Enterprises in the Railway Industry

Along with several other insurers, the Insurance Company «Universalna» has passed preliminary qualification screening in the tender announced by the railway operator «Ukrzaliznytsya» on April 29, 2005, according to the «Ukrzaliznytsya» press service.

After examining the qualification materials, the tender commission of «Ukrzaliznytsya» has recommended the Insurance Company «Universalna» as the insurance provider of choice for railways and enterprises in the rail industry for the following types of insurance:

  • Obligatory insurance against civil and legal liability of land transport owners;
  • Optional insurance against civil liability of land transport owners (including carrier liability insurance);
  • Insurance against fire and other calamities, property insurance (except types of insurance listed in Article 6, clauses 5-9, of the Insurance Law of Ukraine), third party liability insurance (except types of insurance listed in Article 6, clauses 12-14, of the Insurance Law of Ukraine), and other types of optional or obligatory insurance (except optional medical insurance and obligatory insurance of passengers).

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