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«Universalna» has participated in international conference «Top-Management: Challenges and Limits of Competition»

Oleksandr Pavlenko, Director General of the OJSC Insurance Company «Universalna» participated in the International Business-Conference «Top-management: Challenges and Limits of Competition», which took place in Minsk (Belarus).

On this event Oleksandr Pavlenko gave a speech on «Universal strategy of a leader». The key theses of a speech of Director General concerned the situation developed in the insurance market of Ukraine under competitive conditions and a strategy of «Blue ocean» chosen by Universalna for the development. In particular, O. Mr. Pavlenko pointed out that in order to ensure the successful promotion in the market the company should stake on three key provisions, i.e. efficient business development, corporative management and transparency, and clearly defined strategy of development.

«Requirements for successful development of insurance company – this is a business with a significant market share, steady competitive positions, developed communication policy with investment partners, precise organization structure, scheduled accounting according to the international standards and many other factors, among which the main part is played by the united professional management team – talented and brilliant people», - Universalna’s Director General underlined.

O. Pavlenko also provided the examples of three private placements of share holding by Universalna (which corresponds to allocation of 40% share capital of the company to institutional investors), assignment of independent Chairman and members of the Board, adoption of Code of Corporative Management, work on complete automation of internal business processes and other results of the Company’s activity through the year of 2007.

It is worth mentioning that International Business-Conference «Top-management: Challenges and limits of competition» in Minsk was held for the third time already. The event is aimed at discussing of up-to-date approaches and instruments of efficient competitive strategies ensuring the establishment of competitive advantages of companies in the market.

Among the attendants of the conference one can differentiate the owners and top-managers of the best companies in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, and the other countries.

A speech given by Ichak Adizes, a world-known author of a concept of «Vitamins for Management» and «Corporate Lifecycles», who is also a founder and a supervisor of the Adizes Institute, and an author of a variety of books became a key event of this year conference.

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