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«Universalna» – official insurer of «Nemiroff trophy 2007»

The route of competition was new for racing participants. The stage was held in Novomoskovsk and grand opening event carried out in the central square of Dnipropetrovsk. For two days of racing the participants surmounted approximately 360km in total (Day 1 – two circles, 118 km each, Day 2 – one circle, 118 km). Complexity factor of racing constituted 1.2. 20 crews in classification «sport» and 23 crews in classification “raid” were admitted by Technical and Medical Committee to start. 19 quads were also admitted. The traditional carousel racing for audience, awarding and solemn reception took place on the third day of competition.

On this competition, the role of «Universalna» crew symbolized the general approach of Company to the insurance services as support, confidence instilling and rescue.

Universalna crew participated in the event as an auxiliary since the pilot of Universalna crew was forced to desist from automobile and sport loading due to health problems. In the course of competition the crew assisted the other sport crews with problematic places of route as an organizer of evacuation of sport vehicles trapped in a marsh. Possessing the skills of urgent evacuation, when every single second can change the sequence in finishing chart, in particular on the second day of competition the crew was engaged in rescuing over 12 crews from the marsh captivity for 4 hours», said Yuriy Zastavnyy, Member of the Board of Directors of «Universalna» Insurance Company.

After the awarding of athletes was completed, Yuriy Zastavnyy on behalf of the «Universalna» awarded symbolical prizes to all participants, who organized and held competition, these are organizers, jury, time keepers and members of staff., Then, the improvised auction of subjects found on the place of problematic ford, i.e. headlight patches was carried out.

«For its turn after awarding sportsmen the «Universalna» crew was awarded a special diploma and individual cup «For a helping hand», which is presented to the crews that provided the considerable assistance to other crews during traveling the sport distance, It is the first time when eth award has been given to the crew not participated in racing» – noted Yu. Zastavnyy.

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