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Universalna has insured TKS

OJSC Insurance Company «Universalna» and TKS Group signed the General Agreement on package insurance services.

The Agreement is concluded as to the provision of insurance services both to natural persons and legal entities of TKS Group. The General Agreement shall envisage the insurance of Group's movables and real estate, as well as civil liability.

Ruslan Eynes, Director of the Corporate Finance Department of TKS Group: «Tender was hold between several serious contenders, but the decision was taken in favour of Insurance Company «Universalna» above all due to its responsible approach, operational efficiency, loyal conditions and wide range of services offered. Not of minor importance was reputation of a company established within 16 years of work, and previous personal experience of work between TKS groups and its specialists constituting responsible, energetic and highly professional team».

One of the leading groups on the Ukrainian market of development opted for the Insurance Company «Universalna» since it meets the interests of insured. Thus, financial indices of the company make it possible to fully perform the obligations assumed, while proficiency of our employees allows to provide qualitative and quick services to its clients, We look forward to the fruitful and long-lasting cooperation with TKS Group,» – noted Nadiya Kotula, Chief of Sales Office of Product Management Department of Head Office of OJSC Insurance Company «Universalna».

TKS Group is a Western Ukraine's leading developer and constructor of commercial and residential real estate properties which are the main activities of the Company. In July of the current year TKS Group made the private placement of shares to the amount of about USD 440 million. Nowadays, the Company’s portfolio has been enlarged to 16 projects of commercial and dwelling estate, which are present in western Ukrainian cities with different degree of completion. The total area of projects portfolio covers 225,000 m2. The Company's value has reached 229 mln. USD.

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