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«Universalna» Life Insurance Company Increases its Statutory Fund

At the general meeting of stockholders of «Universalna» Life Insurance Company OJSC (Ternopil) held on December 27, 2007 it was resolved to increase Company’s statutory fund by UAH 4 mln., i.e. from UAH 11 mln. to UAH 15 mln. 40,000.00 shares at par value of UAH 100.00 each totaling to UAH 4 mln. will be issued additionally.

General meeting also resolved on changing the composition of management of life insurance company. In particular, Olena Velyka, Financial Director of OJSC «Insurance Company «Universalna» was appointed as a Chairperson of the Board of «Universalna» Life Insurance Company OJSC. Olena Velyka used to hold office of a member of the Company’s Board.

Mariya Mazurkevych was appointed as a member of the Board. Mariya Mazurkevych used to occupy posts of a member of the Board of Universal Bank OJSC and chief accountant at the same bank.

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