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«Universalna» – partner of International Mortgage Bank

OJSC Insurance Company «Universalna» won a tender of IMB Group Public Limited and received accreditation at International Mortgage Bank CJSC to carry out risk insurance of mortgage pledge object.

In particular, «Universalna» became a partner of the bank in the sphere of insurance of real assets of housing resources and land plots and title insurance (property right to mortgage pledge object).

According to Vyacheslav Sarandi, Head of «Universalna» Division of Property Insurance, Product-Management Department, the insurance company won a tender, since it fitted the criteria of IMB Group, which were set to its potential partners, to the fullest extend.

«Universalna» was found for due to its responsible approach to the partnership relations, responsiveness, staunch conditions and proposed wide range of services,» accentuated V. Sarandi

The basic requirements and conditions of a tender particularly envisaged conclusion of insurance agreement with a lender for one-year period with the possibility to prolong it without insurance tariffs being revised, term of decision making on risk insurance for 1-2 work days, term of consideration of insured accident – within 5 work days from the moment the notification on its occurrence is received, payment of insurance indemnity – within 5 work days from the moment the corresponding documents are drawn up, reinsurance of IMB credit risks in the companies of the international rating not lower than investment grade, etc.

IMB Group Public Limited is a leading pure play consumer lending platform, offering its customers home acquisition and consumer credits, as well as bank accounts and deposit services.

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