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«Universalna» has been ranked second in travel insurance rating

OJSC «Universalna» has been ranked 2nd in the recent «Ukrainian tourism» edition rating. The number of signed contracts of travel insurance within Ukraine and abroad during 2007 is revealed in this rating.

In 2007 the number of contracts set by «Universalna» came up to 197 784 units.

«The position of «Universalna» in «Ukrainian tourism» rating testifies on the quality and matching the offered insurance programs to the tourist requirements, the high-level credibility shown by clients. During this year we’re going to increase our capacities, to become a leading company in the field of travel insurance of Ukraine», - said Natalia Tymchiy, the Deputy Product Management Director of the OJSC «Universalna».

The insurance company «Universalna» offers travel insurance services for travelling abroad by following programs:

  • Visit – the contract with minimum but enough insurance services volume for carrying out all the formal requirements while travelling abroad.
  • Optimal – the contract for members of the Association of International Automobile Carriers, which takes into account the long run drivers’ special demands.
  • Tourist – the contract for tourists, which allows feeling secure during the trip. This contract is optimal on a price – quality basis.
  • Classic – the contract for business trips, the classical insurance service package.
  • Premium – the contract for the most demanding clients, seeking for complete insurance coverage while travelling abroad.

The travel insurance program «Mandrivnyk» has been specially set up for tourists travelling within Ukraine.

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