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«Universalna» presents «Ukraine for weekend»

OJSC Insurance Company «Universalna» has supported new tourist project called «Ukraine for weekend». The first stage of this project — Internet site dedicated to travelling through Ukraine — launched on April 23.

«Ukraine is placed among the leading European countries by amount and significance of its historical and cultural sights. Nowadays the amount of recreational and historical sights accounts for over 1500. Every region of our country is famous for its own authentic places, worth attention», — noticed Oleksiy Stolyarov, temporarily acting General Director of OJSC «Universalna».

According to him, Ukrainian tourism support is especially important for «Universalna» as one of the native market players. «We’re proud to work in Ukraine, to develop its economics and that we are able to become familiar with its cultural projects, which raise knowledge about historical sights and interesting places among the residents and guests of the country», — emphasized O. Stolyarov.

According to Yuriy Zastavniy, the member of Supervisory Board of OJSC «Universalna», the project «Ukraine for weekend» will contain all the necessary information for active travellers through Ukraine. «The Internet site will help to choose an interesting route for travelling, will suggest, where to stay for a night, where to dinner or refuel. But the main point of this site is the opportunity for tourists to add their own travelling routes, maps and other interesting information», — said Mr. Zastavniy.

In addition, Y. Zastavniy emphasized, that the site will support the developing of geocaching, new active kind of tourism of Ukraine. «That’s the kind of game for modern „treasures“ seekers and a brilliant way to get to know the natural, historical, cultural and geographical places better. Making and searching caches becomes an active and informative process. Players receive a lot of new information about the sights of Ukraine», — added Mr. Zastavniy.

Along with launch of the Internet site, OJSC «Universalna» provides support to the publication of tourist guide by «Baltiya Druk» publishing company. Also OJSC «Universalna» has agreed about cooperation with «Svit Uspihu» and several other publishing companies, which are trying to develop tourism in Ukraine by their publications«, — added Mr. Stolyarov.

OJSC «Universalna» representatives encouraged everyone to support and become familiar with «Ukraine for weekend» project, for our country to become more interesting to everybody.

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