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Presentation of the jubilee book by literary studio «Dzhereltse» has been held

Presentation of the jubilee book by literary studio «Dzhereltse» called «The city of birds and poets» took place on 1 June 2008. Studio operates under the Lviv regional library.

50 poets and novelists, talented pupils of the studio, are presented in this book.

Many young poets are members of the National Union of Poets of Ukraine, the authors of their first books, winners of the All-Ukrainian and regional literary contests.

Among the famous poets, pupils of the studio are: Galina Kruk, Elena Galeta, Nazar Fedorak, Bogdana Mikyta, Adriana Yaremchuk, Nina Galan, Anastasia and Zlata Ugrin, Ulyana Dudok, Elena Dub, Lilya Demidyuk, Oksana Kopak and others.

For 20 years the literary studio «Dzhereltse» has been headed by Maria Ludkevich, the winner of the literary awards named after M. Shashkevich, L. Ukrainka and P. Tychina.

«It’s interesting to observe how in front of your eyes the green sprout of young literary generation is being formed. Nice to notice young poets learn to observe the nature, try to think in their own way, to develop their creative intuition, to look for their individual style. Be able to see things the way the others can’t», — noticed Maria Ludkevich.

The insurance company «Universalna» has become the book publishing patron. The company traditionally supports projects, aimed on the development and popularization of the Ukrainian culture and sports. Every year under the sponsorship of OJSC «Universalna» the actions for talented youth (art shows, Christmas concerts and other events) are being held.

Publishing of the book «The city of birds and poets» is the next significant impact by young poets and OJSC «Universalna» into the treasury of Ukrainian culture.

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