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«Universalna» has become the insurance partner of reality show on ICTV channel

OJSC «Universalna» has become the insurance partner of a new reality show on ICTV channel called «Wedding Games-2, or The Last Chance».

«Wedding Games-2, or The Last Chance» is the new, outstanding, adventurous reality show. The participants of this show are two married couples on the edge of divorce. The couples will spend a month in Turkey, enjoying the exciting itinerary and lots of adventures. The couples will have to decide whether to stay together or split apart after they go through a number of hard and tricky challenges.

Participants of the «Wedding Games-2 or The Last Chance» will visit the most interesting historical and cultural places of Turkey; will enjoy the most luxurious and the most distinguished service. The incredible adventure will come true because of support of the Culture and Information Attaché of Turkey and travel agency TEZ-TOUR. The program creators have prepared a lot of exotic adventures, tests and competitions for participants.

The prize fund of the show is UAH 100 000.

The hosts of the show will be Snezhana Egorova and Anton Mukharskiy — married couple with wide experience of family life.

The «Wedding Games-2, or The Last Chance» show starts on 14 June 2008 on ICTV channel.

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