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Universalna Insurance Company OJSC is the insurance partner of «TEZ-TOUR»

Universalna Insurance Company OJSC launched an Insurance partnership with «TEZ-TOUR» tourist company for Turkey tours. From now on all tourists travelling to Turkey will have a chance to use Universalna’s insurance services.

Universalna Insurance Company drafted a separate contract for complex tourist insurance meeting «TEZ-TOUR» requirements. It covers maximum risks in the categories «medical expenses» and «accidents».

Cooperation with «TEZ-TOUR», tourist service leader, opens new prospects in tourist insurance development for Universalna’s customers. Within complex tourist insurance packages, each tourist travelling to Turkey will be offered the highest quality insurance service by our company, says Nataliya Tymchiy, Product Management Department Deputy Director of Universalna Insurance OJSC.

«TEZ-TOUR» tourist agency is among the tourist leader in CIS and neighboring countries. The Company was founded in 1994 and works in the following directions: Turkey, Thailand, Egypt, Spain, Cuba, Dominican Republic etc. «TEZ-TOUR» includes more than 20 international companies.

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