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«Universalna» insured the biggest in Ukraine off-roader race

OJSC Insurance Company «Universalna» became an official insurer of the second stage of the Ukrainian Cup on rally raids «Friendship Cup-2005» that finished this week near Kharkiv.

«Universalna» was present at the competition not only as an insurer. A sports car Тоуота Land Cruiser, decorated in «Universalna» corporative colours, took part in the race. Its crew was piloted by Yuriy Zastavnyy, known not only as a professional sportsman, but also as a director of the Ukrainian representative office of the Swiss company «Syngenta». This company was the general sponsor of the previous stage of the Ukrainian Cup that took place last summer in Crimea, on the Karabi plateau, not far from Yalta.

The second stage «Friendship Cup-2005» was taking place on the 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th of September near Kharkiv, at the outskirts of the village Pechenigy, in the territory of the tank range. Almost the whole route lies on the island, between the rivers Siverskyy Donets and Burluk. The road ring has the length of 37 kilometers, 10 circles for two days (5 in one direction, and 5 in the other direction).

The characteristics of the ring: a route replete with fords, sand, soft soil, sometimes solid relief sections also occur. Pine-tree forest with numerous spring-boards and locked turnings. According to organizers, there are some places where a man’s foot has not been set for decades…

Teams from Russia, Byelorussia and Ukraine took part in the Ukrainian Cup.

  • Organizers – Automobile Federation of Ukraine, Auto Club «4x4SPORT» (Kharkiv)
  • General insurer - OJSC Insurance Company «Universalna»
  • General sponsor of the competition – motel «Druzhba»
  • Sponsor of the competition – supermarket of electronics «Electroland»

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