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OJSC «Universalna» has been ranked 6th by «GVardia Brendiv»

OJSC «Universalna» has been ranked 6th among TOP 10 Ukrainian insurance companies by the Rating Program «GVardia Brendiv».

According to the rating results, the cost of OJSC «Universalna» brand accounts for USD 74 178 million.

The rating has been made by international standards for the brand estimation, including the own experience of the rating authors.

«In 2008 the calculation procedure considered the possible profitability of the company depending on how successful and effective the brand usage is (or groups of brands in case of the parent companies). Reputation, life cycle, brand power and forecast of the company’s and markets’ dynamics were also considered while drafting the rating in 2008», — said in the description of the rating procedure.

Ratings in 42 branches and also TOP-100 most expensive brands in industrial and customer market have been made by «GVardia Brendiv» Rating Program.

All-Ukrainian Rating Program «GVardia Novatoriv» is annually presented by Ukrainian Rating Agency and Publishing house «Galitski kontrakty».

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