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OJSC «Universalna» has insured the expedition of the mountain club «Extrem»

OJSC «Universalna» has insured members of the mountain club «Extrem» (Lviv) during the mount to Bezengi region, Caucasus (Russia).

The expedition will take place from 12 July till 12 August 2008.

OJSC «Universalna» has insured mountaineers by the «complex insurance for traveling abroad» contact program «Tourist» in category «Sports».

According to the terms of contract, every mountaineer has been insured by medical insurance with the amount of coverage equal to USD 10 000 and, in addition, every sportsman has been insured by «accident» option with the amount of coverage equal to UAH 5 000. The company will also provide the medical support, full assistance and evacuation support in case of emergency.

«Aiming for new heights — here what OJSC «Universalna» and such a risky sport as alpinism have in common», — noticed Olga Kaminska, the Marketing Director of OJSC «Universalna».

There are 54 sportsmen, who have joined the expedition, both beginners and professionals.

By the mount results, 7 mountaineers will participate in the Championship of Alpinism of Ukraine.

Let us remind that OJSC «Universalna» has insured members of the training camp and two expeditions of the Federation of Alpinism and Rock Climbing of Ukraine to Pamir and Tien Shan (Kirghizia), which will take place from 20 July till 25 August 2008.

Last year OJSC «Universalna» became the General Insurer of National Himalayan Expedition «Ukraine — Himal 2007». Every sportsman had been insured by medical insurance and «accident» option with the amount of coverage equal to USD 25 000. During the descent from Himal Chuli summit, a snow avalanche engulfed a group of climbers at the height of 6,200 meters above sea level and two mountaineers were injured. Due to the immediate action taken by Insurance Company «Universalna» support service the sportsmen were immediately hospitalized and their lives were no longer in danger. The sum total spent by Insurance Company «Universalna» to rescue the members of the expedition accounted for UAH 51,664.

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