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IC «Universalna» won the tender of the OTP Bank

OJSC «Universalna» won the tender of the CJSC «OTP Bank» for complex insurance of the bank’s risks.

By the agreement, IC «Universalna» will render the bank insurance services in the following types of insurance:

  • voluntary insurance of property,
  • voluntary insurance against casualties,
  • voluntary insurance of the civil responsibility before third persons,
  • voluntary insurance of transport means and drivers and passengers against accidents (КАSКО+НВ),
  • compulsory insurance of civil & legal responsibility of land transport means owners,
  • voluntary insurance of risks at carrying out banking activity (ВВВ).

«We are pleased to supply the clients of OTP Bank with high-quality insurance service from IC «Universalna», — said Olena ZAKHAROVA, Deputy Director for corporate sales of the of Insurance Company «Universalna». — «We believe that the cooperation with the bank will be fruitful and mutually beneficial».

According to Olena ZAKHAROVA, at this stage there takes place the process of signing an agreement with OTP Bank concerning further cooperation.

>CJSC «OTP Bank»is a universal bank rendering all the range of financial services to corporate and private clients, representatives of small and medium business. It has a reputation of an innovational structure in the Ukrainian market, which constantly enhances the volumes of business, and offers the customers products of the highest quality. By the data of the Association of Ukrainian Banks, as of June, 1, 2008, OTP Bank is the 7-th biggest national bank by the assets volumes and investment portfolio. Now the bank serves over 230 thousand clients. Its affiliation networks on the territory of Ukraine unites 24 affiliates, 114 branches and 37 representations.

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