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IC «Universalna» is the fifth in PR-activity, by the ULIE

OJSC «Universalna» took the fifth place in PR-activity among insurance companies of Ukraine, by the study, conducted by the Ukrainian League of Insurance Entities for the II quarter of 2008.

The result of IC «Universalna» in the II quarter of 2008 is 5% from announcements of all the insurance companies.

According to the ULIE study, the of the Information Policy in the period of April-June, 2008, received 380 press-releases in total, which is by 15% more, than in the I-st quarter.

A substantial number of press-releases announced new programs and products, development of the affiliates network, insurance compensations, and also informational and staff changes in the companies. As a result, there were determined the companies, which most actively operate in this informational direction.

«The study of the informational activity demonstrates that the companies realize that to implement a new product or service is not enough, they also need to bring the information on them to the customer in the right way», — noted the Director of the ULIE Center of the Information Policy Svitlana GLUSHKO.

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