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IC «Universalna» mountaineers in the Alps

The alpinist team of the Insurance company «Universalna» is going to climb in Swiss Alps, reaching one of the most beautiful and complex alpine peaks Matterhorn (4,478 m).

Climbing by one of the most difficult routs to Matterhorn was announced by the team in the context of participating in the Ukrainian championship in alpinism. The expedition will take place on August, 1—10.

The IC «Universalna» team is headed by Vitaliy ANTONOV, Chairman of the Board of the insurance company, candidate master in alpinism. The alpinist team will also include mountain-climbers from the city of Lviv: Oleksandr KHRAMOV, Igor BABENCHUK and Oleksandr POZDNYAKOV.

Besides mountain-climbers from Lviv, the expedition to the Alps will be joined by Aljgidras KUMZHA, the Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania in Ukraine, the high-altitude mountain-climber with the experience in climbing Himalayas, and Yuriy PRONENKO, a veteran of alpinism, candidate master.

Ukrainian alpinists plan to make a number of mountain-climbs in Pennine-Alps.

«In the 80-s, when I was actively going in for alpinism, Matterhorn was an unreachable dream for all of us. The peak itself is not so high, but beautiful and picturesque. It practically «emerges» from the greenery of the surrounding hills. Nevertheless, this mountain has sportive routs of the highest category of complexity. We’ll endevor to take one of such routs», — says Vitaliy ANTONOV.

According to Vitaliy ANTONOV, in every climbing the very important elements are belief in success and trust in partners. «One old alpinist said that without belief no peak will be conquered. You need to believe in success, strive for it, act bravely and enlist the support of dependable friends, who will stand by you in any emergency situation», — stressed he.

On the alpine peaks the alpinist team will raise the flag of Ukraine, of the insurance company IC «Universalna» and the filling stations chain «OKKO».

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