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«Universalna» took part in London seminar in reinsurance

Deputy director for reinsurance of the OJSC «Universalna», Yriy YANYUK, attended the seminar in reinsurance «RFIB Reinsurance Training Seminar 2008» in London (UK).

The seminar is held yearly by the company RFIB Group Limited for the clients and partners in reinsurance. This year the seminar was attended by representatives of 14 world states, including:, Morocco, Turkey, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Russia and others.

The training was conducted by qualified instructors from the Chartered Insurance Institute of London, employees of the marine and nonmarine departments of the company RFIB Group, representatives of the Lloyd’s corporation and syndicates, and also the rating agency АМBest. During the seminar were studied the courses in mechanisms and effectiveness of reinsurance and specialized ones in reinsurance of property and liability, life; special attention was devoted to financial, political, calamities, energy, maritime risks, etc.

There was also arranged an excursion for the seminar participants to Lloyd’s corporation to see how operates the world major insurance corporation.

By the results of the training all the participants were certified.

«Taking lessons from the leading insurance specialists of the UK and visiting the top-rank insurance corporation Lloyd’s — that is the invaluable professional experience. New knowledge we acquired from our partners in reinsurance — the world market leaders — is implemented in the practical activity of the Company for the maximum satisfaction of our clients», — marked Yriy YANYUK.

«Lloyd’s» corporation — world leader in the insurance industry rendering services in 200 world countries. In 2008, insurance by the company was carried out with the help of 75 divisions.

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