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Chairman of Universalna Life Insurance Company elected

On September 24, 2008, Oleksandr Kulieshyn was chosen Chairman of Universalna Life Insurance Company OJSC, who has acted as the Director General of Universalna Life Insurance Company. This fact is stated in the Minutes No. 02/08 of the General Meeting of the Shareholders of Universalna Life Insurance Company OJSC dated September 23, 2008.

Before joining the Universalna Company, O. Kulieshyn held the office of the Chairman of the Fortis Life Insurance OJSC and Etalon-zhyttia OJSC.

The General Meeting of Shareholders of the Open Joint Stock Company amended the company’s Articles of Association in connection with the change of the company’s seat from «Ukraine, 46008, Ternopil, 12a Medova Street» to «Ukraine, 03067, Kyiv, 4 Ivana Lepse Blvd.» Also, a decision was made to change the name «Board of the Company» to «Supervising Board», and «Board of Directors», to «Management» as well as introduce some other offered changes by way of issuing a new edition of the company’s Articles of Association (annex 1 to the protocol).

The Meeting resolved to appoint the Supervision Board of Universalna Life Insurance Company OJSC, starting the date following the day of the state registration of the new edition of the Articles of Association of the Universalna Life Insurance Company OJSC approved on September 23, 2008, the members of the Board being as follows:

  1. O.V. Muzychko — Chairman of the Supervision Board,
  2. O.V. Velyka — Deputy Chairman of the Supervision Board,
  3. Ya.Ya. Prokopiuk — Member of the Supervision Board
  4. 4. R.M. Palaida — Member of the Supervision Board

Let us remind you that since the beginning of 2008, Universalna Life Insurance Company OJSC opened 17 offices. By the end of the year, the company is planning to open subsidiaries in all regions of Ukraine, the total number of offices being 26.

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