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Universalna changes the legal address

Universalna Insurance Company amended the company’s Articles of Association in connection with the change of the company’s seat from «Ukraine, 79015, Lviv, 65 Turgenieva Street» to «Ukraine, 03067, Kyiv, 4 Ivana Lepse Blvd.»

This fact is stated in the Minutes No. 03/08 of the General Meeting of Shareholders of the Open Joint Stock Company dated September 16, 2008.

8 shareholders were present (by proxy) in the Meeting holding the aggregate 77.13% of the authorized capital of the Universalna Insurance Company OJSC.

Among other questions resolved by the Meeting of Shareholders are the change of the name «Board of the Company» to «Supervisory Board», as well as election of the Supervisory Board consisting of the following members:

  1. Vitalii Borysovych Antonov — Chairman of the Supervisory Board,
  2. Pavlo Mykhailovych Sheremeta — Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board,
  3. Bedivire Investments Limited — Member of the Supervisory Board
  4. Vasyl Valeriiovych Danyliak — Member of the Supervisory Board
  5. Iurii Liubomyrovych Kuchabskyi — Member of the Supervisory Board

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