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The Universlana Company held the Meeting of Branch Directors

Universalna Insurance Company CJSC held the Conclusive Meeting of the Principal Office and the Branch Directors entitled «Company’s business results in the 1st half of 2008».

On the first day of the event, the company’s top-management noted the achievement of the company’s major goals set in the first half of 2008: winning a market share by way of expanding the regional network and the increase of the gross premium volume. Let us remind you that the company declared further active expanding of its network: opening 56 branch offices in regional centers in the throughout 2008 and the early 2009.

At present, the Universalna Company in finishing the process of creating regional damage settlement centers, making the repayment process faster and more convenient for clients. It is arranging the underwriting process and risk calculations. It is also working on establishing more precise rules of work with sellers, optimization of the product line, including the simplification of the insurance products in biggest demand.

In the framework of the Meeting, current tissues concerning the company’s development were discussed, also, key directions of its further activities were set out. Among the strategic goals of the company for the period of 2008—2009 the following were singled out in particular: improvement of the operational outcome; portfolio segmentation and the growth of business in profitable market segments, optimization of effective business processes, as well as divisions’ operation evaluation and personnel motivation systems.

The second day of the event was devoted to the team project with the title «Universal -Cinema», in which the management of the company and regional offices partook in filmmaking, being shooting crew members and actors. The Universalna employees were divided into 7 teams before which a task was set to create a movie inspired by the famous films («The Golden Calf», «Ivan Vasyliovych changes his occupation», «Office romance», «The Diamond Hand» etc.), but also to change the motion picture’s genre.

In the evening, the newly-made films were demonstrated in the company’s festival called «Universal — Cinema». The actors walked the red carpet. After the demonstration, the Jury chose the best pictures and awarded the victors with «Oscars» from the Universalna Company.

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