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«Universalna» has won the «MasterCard Bank of the Year» competition for two years on end

OJSC Insurance Company «Universalna» has been awarded the «Insurance Company of the Year» title in the international competition «MasterCard Bank of the Year».

According to the results, «Universalna» has been ranked 3rd among the other insurance companies — participants of the competition. Let us remind, that in 2007 the company was ranked 1st in this competition.

«This award evidences the correctly chosen strategy and the effectiveness of initiatives, which we have implemented», — said Ruslana Palayda, Deputy Chairman of the Company’s Management Board.

20 Ukrainian companies, which in 1H 2008 had the biggest GWP (according to the open sources like the rating of AA «Expert Rating» as of 15.09.2008), have been selected to participate.

Under the rules of «MasterCard Bank of the Year» competition, every participant has sent a summary about its company’s activity. The information has been sent along with the market’s analytical survey performed by Fincentrum. The jury has used the special forms for the secret ballot and the data has been handled under the notary officer’s observation.

«MasterCard Bank of the Year» is the international initiative, one of the most authoritative ratings in Eastern Europe. The competition «Bank of the Year» is aimed at determining the best products and services provided by Ukrainian financial companies.

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