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«Universalna» has finished training program in «KMBS»

Open joint stock company «Universalna» has finished corporate training program for managers of the company run by Kyevo-Mogylianska business-school (KMBS) which had been carried under the course «Managerial and organizational development». The training has lasted since December 2007.

The studies for «Universalna» have been developed for the purpose of knowledge broadening and enhancing experience in the fields of management, finances, personnel administration and operations management.

Managers of the company have studied in 6 segments which were: «Business strategy: development and implementation», «Project management», «Financial management», «Strategic marketing», «Operations management», «Leader’s and manager’s role».

The studies have been led by the best teachers of «KMBS»: Anna Vlasova, Sergiy Gvozdev, Mykhailo Kolisnyk, Olena Maltseva, Evgen Pentsak, Darius Radkevichus, Andriy Fedorov, Pavlo Sheremet and Olga Scherbina.

During 11 months «KMBS» has been making the best possible impression on participants of the studies by its high professional standards in teaching, positive team spirit and ability to inspire to make change for the Company.

Kyevo-Mogylianska business-school was established in 1999 in one of the most ancient universities of Eastern Europe — Kyevo-Mogylianska Academy. Innovation and courage are the properties which distinguish «KMBS» from other business schools. In 2002 «KMBS» for the fist time in Ukraine opened innovative 5-categories program called Executive MBA, 2005 was the year when unique program for business-owners appeared — Presidential MBA «KMBS». In 2006 «KMBS» received unconditional accreditation by CEEMAN [Central and Eastern Europe Management Development Association] for the term 5 years.

«KMBS» twice has won the title of «business-school No.1 in Ukraine» according to the credit raiting carried out by «Delovoy» magazine.

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