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«Universalnaia» offers new service «Insurance Duty Officer»

Open Joint Stock Company «Insurance company «Universalnaia» has introduced new service called «Insurance Duty Officer». This service is created to provide consultation on products or to lodge in a request for visit of the insurance agent from the IC «Universalnaia» to acquire an insurance policy specifically not in the business hours or at the weekend. The Insurance Duty Officer will deliver the insurance policy at the specific place and on the specific time stipulated by customer. All what is required to do is to call the hot-line number 8 800 500 38 10 of the «Insurance company «Universalnaia» and to leave your contacts.

«This project has been created to make insurance more accessible, to create additional value of the services for the customer — free access to the insuring at any time and at convenient place. From now on people whose business schedule is so tight that they can not to creat a time-gap for acquiring an insurance policy always can use services of our Insurance Duty Officers» — Marina Kurischenko, project manager and leading specialist of the marketing department of the insurance company «Universalnaia» says.

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