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Insurance Company «Universalna» discloses Results of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

The Board of the Company is pleased to announce that the resolutions tabled at the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company held on Monday, 1 December 2008 have been passed.

Accordingly, the shareholders of IC «Universalna» voted to enter amendments to its Charter. It has been decided to change the company’s legal address from 4 Ivana Lepse Blvd., Kyiv 03067, Ukraine to 24/1 Pylypa Orlyka Str., Kyiv 01601, Ukraine.

Therefore a new wording of the Company’s Charter approved on December 1, 2008 will be soon available on our Investor Relations web site.

The participants of the meeting have also decided to liquidate the separated structural subdivisions of the Company, namely Kyiv Regional Direction, Kyiv Representative Office, Ternopil Representative Office and Ripky PoS, due to the network optimization.

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