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«Universalna» holds leadership in Green Card segment

OJSC Insurance Company «Universalna» has secured the 1st place at the market of the Voluntary motor third party liability (VMTPL). The data is provided by industry ranking «Insurance TOP» (№ 4(24)2008) for 9M08 results. The Company’s market share by VMTPL accounts for 32,4%.

By the ranking results, «Universalna» has also confirmed leadership at the Green Card market with the market share equal to 24%.

At the Obligatory motor third party liability market (OMTPL) «Universalna» has been ranked 7th.

«Universalna» has been ranked 10th at the Motor own damage insurance (MOD) market.

The Company has also secured 4th place amid TOP-35 Reinsurers of the incoming reinsurance from non-residents.

The Company has been ranked 6th by GWP and GWP by types of insurance among classic insurance companies (9th place in both categories in general ranking).

By the Total claims paid «Universalna» has been ranked 10th amongst classic insurance companies, and 12th — in general ranking.

By the insurance reserves for 9M08 «Universalna» is 8th (11th — in the general ranking).

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