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OJSC Life Insurance Company «Universalna» has held the concluding seminar

On December 26, OJSC Life Insurance Company «Universalna» has held the corporate seminar to inventory the progress in 2008 and issue the tasks for 2009. Representatives of all the Company’s regional PoS were present at the event.

The business activity in 2008 of every Company’s PoS has been analyzed during the meeting. According to Oleksandr Kulyeshin, the Chairman of the Management Board of OJSC Life Insurance Company «Universalna», the Company’s indicators throughout Ukraine were positive and even (despite the financial turmoil) increasing.

Thus, the highest results during 2008 have been demonstrated by Odesa regional branch and Kirovograd regional branch. Their branch directors have been awarded with honorary diplomas.

The second part of the seminar has been devoted to the budget defence-2009 for regional branches. Every regional branch has framed its own plan and the ways of its implementation for the coming year.

In the evening everyone enjoyed the corporate New Year party.

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