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OJSC Insurance Company «Universalna» insured the test-drive of a new Russian car «UAZ Hunter»

A new car of Russian manufacture «UAZ Hunter» was for the first time presented to the Ukrainian press. According to predictions, this car can become rather popular in Ukraine owing to its low price and high efficiency. Test-drive, organized by all-Ukrainian newspaper «Hunting and fishing» and insured by «Universalna», showed the best results that could be expected from the car of such class. The test included several stages, all of which were excellently withstood by the new car. The test route ran through the territory of Kyiv city and Kyiv region: the autocross route near the Moscow Bridge, Druzhby Narodiv Park, forest-park belt and Zhytomyr motorway. «UAZ Hunter» car for the testing was provided by «АІС» corporation.

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