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«Universalna» has insured «Ariston»

Department of corporate sales of OJSC Insurance Company «Universalna» has concluded the medical insurance and accident insurance contracts with «Merlone TermoSanitari Ukr LLC» (Ariston™).

The insurance payment by both contracts totaled to UAH 74,5 thous. The total insurance coverage amounted to UAH 2,64 mln.

According to Maya Chernova, the senior manager of department of corporate sales, Insurance Company «Universalna» provides the optimal insurance conditions for the client’s employees, meeting their needs. In accordance with terms of the contract, the «Elit» insurance program has been suggested to the client’s employees. This program includes medical care in clinics, hospitals, emergency call, dental care and preventive measures.

In addition, the Ariston’ employees have the opportunity to conclude the individual insurance contracts for their close relatives following the terms of the contract.

MTS «Merlone Termosanitari» group (Italy) is more than 70 years at the market and is a leading company at manufacturing and sale of boilers, water heaters and air conditioners.

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