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OJSC Life Insurance Company «Universalna» is implementing the program for those who’ve lost job

OJSC Life Insurance Company «Universalna» has developed the program «Credit protection». It’s aimed at ensuring that the credit obligations will be discharged in case of job loss.

Everyone at the age between 20 and 50 years old, who’ve lost their job, can apply to OJSC Life Insurance Company «Universalna». The program provides insurance payment in case of job loss (unemployment), or in case of death of the insured.

It means that if the insured was made redundant, but registered in the State Employment Service, the insured will receive the full amount of insurance coverage. The insurance contract concludes for 1 year.

According to Natalia Duzinkevich, the head of marketing, advertising and PR division of OJSC Life Insurance Company «Universalna», in terms of credit crunch, when the problem of cutting jobs is very burning and non-distribution of the credit is getting widespread, the company takes the responsibility to support those, who found themselves in serious trouble, and to minimize the negative economic trends.

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