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IC «Universalna» in the TOP-3 of LIOU by PR-activity

OJSC «Universalna» has secured the third place by PR-activity amid insurance companies of Ukraine, according to the research, conducted by the League of insurance organizations of Ukraine in 4Q2008.

The result of IC «Universalna» in 4Q2008 totaled to 7% from the announcements of all the insurance companies.

According to the LIOU research, during October-December 2008 the Information Policy Center of LIOU received 623 press releases in total, which is by 21% more compared to 3Q2008.

A substantial number of press releases has informed about the new programs and products, branch network extension, claims paid, as well as the personnel changes to the companies governing bodies.

As a result the companies, who operated in the most active manner, have been discovered.

«Despite that the credit crunch affected the insurance market during the research period, PR divisions of the insurance companies were still active. It evidences the sharpening of competitiveness to attract new customers, and the information is one of the key constituents of success in the market, especially during the economic slowdown», — noticed Svitlana Glushko, Director of the Information Policy Center of LIOU.

The Information Policy Center of LIOU received 1826 press releases from the beginning of 2008.

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