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Life Insurance Company «Universalna» has held a seminar for regional representatives

During two days — February 6 —  7, 2009 — Life Insurance Company «Universalna» has held a seminar for deputy directors of the regional branches. The event has been held in the training center of the city of Irpen. The representatives of all the Company’s regional branches have been present.

The aim of the event was at presenting of new methods, schemes, programs for development of the consultation network, evaluation of the training quality.

This seminar can be named exclusive in its own way as every participant had the unique opportunity to trial oneself in the trainer capacity. All the representatives received the theme for their presentation, which they had to describe.

The colleagues from other regions played the role of listeners, whom the trainers had to teach how to sell the insurance products. Because the manager’s professionalism is declared at the ability to present the own knowledge and pass it to others.

According to Mr. Oleg Sakhno, the head of training center of Life Insurance Company «Universalna», the training participants have managed the tasks successfully, but there occurred some problems to work on.

The company is going to hold similar seminars in the future.

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