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Life Insurance Company «Universalna» is the first Ukrainian insurance company to pay the endowment insurance

In 2008 the claims paid of Life Insurance Company «Universalna» totaled to UAH 700 thous (UAH 100 thous. more y-o-y).

Most of claims paid was by the endowment insurance. Thus, last year the company paid out near UAH 500 thous. to its clients (the same amount as in 2007).

The number of contracts for providing claims payments were 461. Most of them were concluded for 10 years.

According to Oleksandr Kulyeshin, the Chairman of the Management Board at LIC «Universalna», today the company is the first in the Ukarainian insurance market to pay endowment insurance claims by the long-term life insurance contracts concluded for 10 years and more. It proves the company’s reliability and credibility with clients, the number of which is constantly rising.

Let us remind that in 2007 Life Insurance Company «Universalna» was the first company by the claims paid in the market.

Life Insurance Company «Universalna» paid the first claims by the endowment insurance as far back as in 2001.

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