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Life Insurance Company «Universalna» is implementing a new program aimed at consultative network development

Life Insurance Company «Universalna» has implemented a new motivation program for further development of consultative network «Leader».

The program is aimed at organization of high-performance regional channel for providing the high-quality service to its clients.

Everyone, who is set to work and professionalize, can become a «Leader» participant and earn good wages. Because the program’s main purpose is to provide work to those, who have lost it, and those are many nowadays.

«Leader» stipulates a weekly hiring and training for those, who claims to serve as a consultant, defining the work purposes and plans with accurate earnings fixing, and also the step-by-step rising in «Professional career» of OJSC LIC «Universalna».

In addition, consultants are able to recruit new employees, gaining the corresponding remuneration. By 2009YE the company plans to hire more than 700 consultants in total, as every manager needs to supervise not less than 5 agents for work plan completion.

This program will enable to structure work of every employee, who’s working on network extension, to substantially develop and open new regional directions and agencies. In particular, by the end of 3Q09 it is planned to open not less than 4 PoS.

«By implementing the «Leader» program, we’re entering the substantial amendments to the professional career of consultants and managers, changing approach in training system», — noticed Olga Nestrelyay, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board at LIC «Universalna». According to her, from now on motivation will become more concrete and tempting.

The motivation program of consultative network development will function by the 2009YE.

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