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IC «Universalna» in the LIOU TOP-3 for 2008 by PR-activity

OJSC Insurance Company «Universalna» has secured the third place by PR-activity amid insurance companies of Ukraine in 2008. This data is provided by the Information Policy Center under League of insurance organizations of Ukraine (LIOU).

The result of IC «Universalna» in 2008 totaled to 6,1% from the announcements of all the insurance companies.

According to the LIOU research, last year the Information Policy Center under LIOU received 1826 press releases in total (330, 280, 494, 633 — by each quarter, respectively). Main themes described at the press releases were as follows: plans aimed at further insurance companies’ development, branch network extension, claims paid, implementation of new programs and products, personnel changes to the companies governing bodies etc.

«Organization of persistent communication between PR divisions and mass media is principal for insurance companies» development. And PR divisions’ activity in that direction evidences the high level of understanding regarding this matter«, — noticed Svitlana Glushko, Director of the Information Policy Center under LIOU.

Let us remind that according to LIOU analysis, in 4Q08 «Universalna» also took 3rd place by PR activity among insurance companies of Ukraine.

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