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«Universalna» in TOP 3 in travel insurance

OJSC Insurance Company «Universalna» has entered TOP 3 in travel insurance for 2008. This data has been provided by «Ukrainian tourism» magazine (№ 1 2009) in the ranking of insurance companies.

According to the ranking, «Universalna» has secured 2nd place by the amount of claims paid, which accounted for 3 121.

Besides, Insurance Company took 3rd place by the amount of tourists insured in 2008, which totaled to 371 538.

In addition, «Universalna» has also secured 3rd place by the number of serious insured accidents in tourism (52), worked out by the company.

Tez Tour, Pan Ukraine and Pershiy Strakhoviy Supermarket have been recognized the best partners of «Universalna» by the 2008 results.

Let us remind that in 2007 Insurance Company «Universalna» took 2nd place by the amount of tourists insured. More than 197 000 tourists concluded insurance contracts with the company during 2007 ("Ukrainian Tourism #2, 2008).

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